Order Total Discount Rules

  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Date Created: 21 Jun 2017 (Wednesday)
  • Compatibility: OpenCart Version 2.3x, 3.x
  • Framework: Opencart

Offer a discount to customers based on the total shopping cart (over sub-total).
Unlimited discount rules according to the total shopping cart, rules based on customer, total range, and others. Set multiple rules like -

1. Customer group “default” get 5 % discount when total shopping cart amount between $100 and $300

2. Customer group “default” get 10% discount when total shopping cart amount between $800 and $1500

3. Customer group “wholesaler” get 5% discount when total shopping cart amount between $500 and $800.

Also set priority of rule against each rule
The discount automatically appears in the shopping cart if rules get a match (like other tax, shipping or fees).


Create unlimited discount rules match with total shopping cart
Rule according to customer group
Rule priority
Discount applied when rule match as per setting In admin
Set dates when discount will apply
Set discount type (Fixed or Percentage)
Simple & easy to use admin interface
Multi Store
Easy to install & use
Use OpenCart module system (no changes in core files)
Free One Theme Compatibility
Quick and reliable support

Installation Guide
  • Opencart Version 2x, 3x

    1. Sign in to your website Administrator.

    2. Go to Extensions >> Extension Installer to upload an extension ciorder_total_discount_rules.ocmod.zip file.

    3. Go to Extensions >> Modifications and click on the refresh button. This will re-build all modifications.

    4. It is vital to go to extension settings page once. To Go Extension setting page follow root.

            Go to Admin >> Extensions >> Total >> Order Total Discount Rules.

    Note: As soon as Setting page open script will create necessary database tables to avoid any unexpected issue.
  • Opencart Version 2x, 3x

    1. Install Order Total Discount Rules

    2. Configure Order Total Discount Rules Extension

    3. Add Discount Rule

    4. OutPut: Order Total Discount at Mini Cart

    5. Output: Order Total Discount at Shopping Cart Page

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Change Log
  • Date: 21 Jun 2017 (Version 1.0)

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