Multi Purpose Popup - Advertisement Popup

  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Date Created: 15 Feb 2017 (Wednesday)
  • Compatibility: OpenCart Version 2.3x, 3.x
  • Framework: Opencart

Multi-Purpose Popup, also known as polymorphic popup. As its having similar functionality as its name polymorphic. You can create several different type of popups for individual products. You can create variation of popups for individual product or distinct layout. You can organize as many as popup for single layout or single popup for as many as layouts are available. This extension provide endless opportunities to create different popups based on occasion in trends. Display Banners or special coupons. You can create end-less popups with multiple settings provided.


Multiple shot code templates
Multiple Layouts
Easy to use interface
Polymorphic popups
Multilingual supported
Multi-store supported
Modified Look and feel of each popup separately
Choose your users (Customer, Guest)
Choose popup platform (Desktop, Mobile)
Advertise products in popup
Display festive or general coupons in popup
Display Logo in popup
Re Open Popup to catch user’s eyes
Can be used on any theme
Easy installation, no core file overwritten or modified
Add Custom CSS codes through admin panel
Enable / Disable status.
Free One Theme Compatibility

Installation Guide
  • Opencart Version 2x, 3x

    1. Sign in to your website Administrator.

    2. Go to Extensions >> Extension Installer to upload an extension file.

    3. Go to Extensions >> Modifications and click on the refresh button. This will re-build all modifications.

    4. Go to System >> Users >> User Groups.

            Select "Administrator" Group and click on edit button.
            Give Access & Modify Permission to "extension/popuptemplate".

    5. It is vital to go to extension settings page once. To Go Extension setting page follow root.

            Go to Admin >> Catalog >> Multi Purpose Popup.

    Note: As soon as Setting page open script will create necessary database tables to avoid any unexpected issue.
  • Opencart Version 2x, 3x

    1. Multi Purpose Popup Template List.

    2. Add Title and Description for Popup

    3. Main Extension Settings

    4. Add Logo, Background & Layout Setting

    5. Add Margin, Custom CSS, Store Setting

    6. Add Custom Products Display in popup

    7. Assign Coupon for Display coupon code in popup

    8. Configure for Checkout Success Page

    9. Output Multi Purpose Popup Extension

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Change Log
  • Date: 15 Feb 2017 (Version 1.0)

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