Documentation Tool

  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Date Created: 09 July 2021 (Friday)
  • Compatibility: OpenCart Version 2.3x, 3.x
  • Framework: Opencart

Documentation tool help to create documentation for anything, for example: For a Product, For a Service, For a addon or anything. This tool designed to reduce the time to design and setup a guide book with easy to use interface to both admin and end customers, for example: At Store items in catalog is Washing Machines, Microwave oven, Gaming Software, and so on. This tool help to create a cook book for how to install and use Particular Washing Machine or Microwave oven or How to use Game Software in Computer; what modes are available in game; how many players can play game simultaneously; what premium features gaming software provide; and list is never ending, virtually a guide a step by step directions to use or install or configure for a particular item or resource, moreover, there could be few steps or a long road to walk. With help of this extension building a pan cake job becomes like breeze.

  • Create Unlimited multi language documentations
  • SEO Friendly URL's
  • Available Short Description
  • Fixed Sections
    • 1. Description
    • 2. Features
    • 3. Installation Guide
      • Multiple Tabs
    • 4. Configuration
      • Multiple Tabs
    • 5. Change Log
      • Multiple Tabs
  • Add Custom Sections From Admin
  • Manage Fixed sections & Custom sections sort order by Drag & Drop.
  • Admin can create Additional Buttons for external links
  • Add different Logo, Favicon for Documentation page
  • Add Social media links
  • Admin can add custom CSS in extension setting
  • All Versions Compatible ( 2x & 3x )
  • Multi Store Supported
  • Multi Language Supported
  • No Core File Change or replace
  • OCMOD Supported
  • Easy Installation
  • Quick and reliable support
Installation Guide
  • Opencart Version 2x, 3x

    1. Sign in to your website Administrator.

    2. Go to Extensions >> Extension Installer to upload an extension file.

    3. Go to Extensions >> Modifications and click on the refresh button. This will re-build all modifications.

    4. Go to System >> Users >> User Groups.

            Select "Administrator" Group and click on edit button.
            Give Access & Modify Permission to:

    5. It is vital to go to extension settings page once. To Go Extension setting page follow root.

            Go to Admin >> Documentation Tool.

    Note: As soon as Setting page open script will create necessary database tables to avoid any unexpected issue.
  • Opencart Version 2x, 3x

    1. Documentation Setting - Control Panel

    2. Documentation Setting - Sidebar

    3. Documentation Setting - Footer

    4. Documentation Setting - Social Links

    5. Documentation - General Tab

    6. Documentation - Data Tab

    7. Documentation - Sections (Description)

    8. Documentation - Sections (Features)

    9. Documentation - Sections (Installation Guide)

    10. Documentation - Sections (Installation Guide Decription)

    11. Documentation - Sections (Configuration Decription)

    12. Documentation - Sections (Change Log)

    13. Documentation - Sections (New Section)

    14. Documentation - Link Tab (Assign Store, Social Icons)

    15. Documentation - SEO Tab

    16. Documentation List

    17. Documentation Frontend Output - Description

    18. Documentation Frontend Output - Installation Guide

    19. Documentation Frontend Output - Configuration

    20. Documentation Frontend Output - Change Log

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Change Log
  • Date: 09 July 2021 (Version 1.0)

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